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Help in how to edchatIE

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Here's some information that might be of use to help you get the most from and also contribute to a Monday night #edchatIE discussion.


In order to keep an eye on the #edchatIE discussions, it's a good idea to use a Twitter client, such as Tweetdeck (my personal favourite). You can open a separate column in Tweetdeck based on tweets that only use the #edchatIE hashtag.


Below are some very helpful links:

Here's a link to the original of the species - #edchat (started by some great US educators)

Take a look up North to what our colleagues are chatting about in #NIedchat (Wednesday nights)

Here's a link to the homepage of - #ukedchat

Here's a link to a very helpful section with videos to explain how to take part in a chat (courtesy of the #ukedchat) 


Did you know:

There's now an #edchatIE Google+ page you can follow: 




You can also: 

Help spread the word by copying and pasting this into your Twitter account and then ReTweeting it:


#edchatIE happens every Monday, 8.30-9.30pm (Irish time). Join in the discussion with Irish Educators. Please RT



So, who's following and getting involved in #edchatIE on Twitter. Take a look at the Twitter-stream of any and all mentions of #edchatIE in the Sidebar on the right.





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