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Making Ireland CLick

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#edchatIE celebrates #MakingIrelandClick


November 7th, 8.30-9.30pm (Irish time)


On Monday 7th November (2016) from 8.30-9.30pm, Irish educators and all those interested in Irish education will get the chance to be part of an online discussion around the subject of #MakingIrelandClick


The discussion will be based around “The Education Race”, which is the second part of the Making Ireland Click TV series. You can watch the episode on RTÉ One just an hour earlier at 7.30pm. Here’s a clip:



You can see more information about the episode on the website Making Ireland Click.


This time on #edchatie there’ll also be a guest moderator in the form of @IrelandClicks - so make sure you follow them on Twitter.


It will be a focused discussion, in which we will aim to cover five questions/topics in the one night, rather than the usual single topic.


The questions are:

Q1: According to this bit.ly/100MbpsIRL all 780+ post primary schools have broadband. What are the barriers now therefore?

Q2: The need to introduce digital based subjects like coding & programming is pressing. What can be done to make this happen?

Q3: Do teachers understand how to teach through technology? What can help?

Q4: In relation to the pace & nature of change in Irish education: how can we speed Ireland up? Create a momentum in schools?

Q5: Do you agree with @DPuttnam: could some schools be 'hiding' behind the Department rather than challenging it re going digital?


When tweeting your answers during the discussion, please always include the #edchatie hashtag.



During the #edchatie hour: 

In order to keep the conversation flowing as much as possible during the #edchatie hour, here's how the discussion on Monday will run: 

  • At 8.30pm, we'll hold the usual introductions and then quickly move on to posting Q.1 for discussion at 8.35pm.
  • When discussing Q.1, please make sure that you include the hashtags #edchatie and #makingirelandclick as well as the text “A1” (for Answer 1) in your tweets.
  • After 15 minutes, at 8.45pm, and because we have another four questions/topics to discuss, we'll move on to Q.2.
  • Again, when discussing Q.2. please make sure to include the hashtag #edchatie and #makingirelandclick as well as the text “A2" in your tweets at this time.
  • By 9.00pm we'll move on to Q.3 and then at 9.15, we’ll move on to Q.4. We'll finish off, from 9.25pm, with Q.5 for the famous final 5 minutes of the discussion.


Remember -> All tweets should contain the hashtags #edchatie and if you space #makingirelandclick as well as the relevant answer number in order to be collated into the transcript of the discussion, which will be published online the next day.


Looking forward to seeing you online.


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